Spread The Word

Do you miss knowing what's going on on-campus at all times?

Do you miss running down the hall to update your friends on any big events in your life?

Do you wish you could go back to looking through pictures with your best friends, sharing your biggest moments together?

The four years you spent at Saint Mary's were special because of the connection made! 
We have created this "Spread the Word" section to help in the sharing of moments - now that it is not just a matter of taking a few steps down the hall!

Get caught up on campus news, see what your classmates have been up to, and read updates from area alumnae clubs. Catch up on your Courier reading by browsing through the electronic archives. Enjoy looking at beautiful pictures from classmates weddings in "Wedding Belles" and adorable shots of the newest members of our Saint Mary's family in "Baby Belles."

The time we have at Saint Mary's is special, but the connections made span well beyond 4 years.
Let us help you keep in touch and spread the word!