Kate (Treder) Vertin Wedding

Kate (Treder) Vertin '07 married Matt Vertin on June 13, 2015 at Saint Mary's.
There were many Belles in attendance, including Brittany (Degres) Metzer '07, Dana (Christiano) Dearth '07,
Maggie Oldham '07, and Mary (Meier Simpson) '07.

Catherine (Wagner) Miller Wedding

Catherine (Wagner) Miller '07, center, with several Saint Mary's Alumnae

Angeline Johnson Wedding

Angeline Johnson '07 and  (ND '02)

Caroline (Dunne) Erhardt Wedding

Brooke (Sheldon) Smeckert '07, Erin (Anhut) Schwanger '07, Caroline (Dunne) Erhardt '07, and Kerry Butz '07