Shannon (Nelligan) Yarish Wedding

Shannon Nelligan '03, was married to Benjamin Yarish on April 30, 2016 at Saint Ignatius Catholic Church in Port Tobacco, Maryland on April 30, 2016.

Caroline (Coughlin) Sniff Wedding

Starting from the right (red dress): Jamie Rubino Henry '03, Mike Henry, Andy Mitchell (ND '00, ND Law '03),
Emily Wick '03, Mike Shultz (ND '03), Darcey Palmer-Shultz '03, Caroline Coughlin Sniff '03, Collin Sniff,
Concetta Siciliano Johnson '03, Mike Johnson, Jaci Martin and Chris Martin (ND '03).
Jeni Hackbush Monroe '03 and her husband, Thomas, were unable to attend due to the birth of their son James.

Mary (Campe) Reyes Wedding

SMC attendees (left to right) include: Linda Padilla ('03), Kerry (O'Reilly) Hurley ('03), Christina (Reitano) Sutter ('03),
Amy (Virzi) Schaul ('03), Casey Campe ('06), Mary Campe Reyes (me-'03), Katie Rand ('03),
Jennie Buehler ('03), Sarah (Nestor) Babcock ('03) and Jackie (Bauters) Conn ('04).

Dorothy (Carder) Varrasso Wedding

Patty Bodien ('87), Stephanie Carder ('13), Caitlin Duffey ('03),
Dorothy Carder ('03), Nick Varrasso, Theresa Martinez ('02) and Kris Cornell ('03).

Meganne (Hoffman) Brezina Wedding

Erin Schultz Sherer '03, Maria Conticelli '03, Cathy Canetti Ginter '03, Tara Blanchard Sabo '03, Jenny Hoffman ('10),
Nancy Weber Curth ('73), Val Gillis '03, Shaye O'Donnell '03, Bridget Myers Mullins '03, Meganne Hoffman Brezina '03, 
Bethany Schmidt '03, Erin Moral Crill '03, Mary Anne Madden Hoffman ('73), and Mary Friedman Slattery ('73)

Janelle (Koop) Keller Wedding

Stephanie (Redwanski) Belschner '03, Christine (LaVigne) Osburn '03, Kim LaVigne '05,
Janelle (Koop) Keller '03,Katy Disinger '03, Beth (Didier) Kreig '03, Adrienne (Dorbish) Pietropaolo '03,
Meghan (McGinty) Anderson '03, Cindy (Cvengros) McCutcheon '03, and Amy Greene '03

Alison (Joseph) Small Wedding

Katie-Nell Scanlon O'Connell'03, Kara Joseph '11, Alison (Joseph) Small '03,
Stephanie Pace Prologo '03, Josie Bilas Gruver '03, and Julie Richardson '03.